New Mexico relaxes virus testing guidelines amid signs that people without symptoms are spreading it

New Mexico is expanding coronavirus testing too many people without medical symptoms as health officials said Wednesday that “asymptomatic people” appear to be contributing significantly to the virus’ spread in the state. KRQE reports that To help slow the spread of infection so that the health care system is not overwhelmed, testing will now be available to asymptomatic people who come into close contact or live with people who have tested positive, nursing home residents, and people who have congregated in large groups such as homeless shelters, group homes, detention centers. Previous testing criteria in New Mexico required a person to display symptoms of the virus such as cough, fever and shortness of breath – or a recent travel history outside of the state or the country. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said New Mexico has tested more people per capita than any other state in the county. Over 13,000 people had been tested for the virus, as of Tuesday, and 315 people tested positive for the disease. The New Mexico Department of Health’s coronavirus hotline for health-related questions can be reached at 855-600-3453. Also, you can click here for more information on testing centers.