Kezia Garcia Liver Transplant.


Kezia Garcia is 7 months old. She only weighs 10 pounds but she is full of life. She love to dance and sing. She loves laughing and playing with her brother and sister. She was born with a condition called biliary Artesia, which affects her liver. She recently had a procedure done to buy time till she was older and stronger for liver transplant but it failed.  Next step she needs is a Liverf transplant, which she needs as soon as possible. We are moving to San Antonio, Texas to begin this long journey. As a single mother of three, I desperately need help supporting my children while Kezia and I are out there. Any type of donations are greatly appreciated. My children are 3,2, and 7 months. By God’s grace she will do well with the transplant and we can all be together again. We love and thank you all so much Las Cruces.

Garcia family
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Cherie Garcia
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