Monday-Friday | 6am-10am

* What is your name? Jackie Marquez- Wilkinson

* Do you have any nicknames? Jaxs. Cheeky.

*Home life: I live with my wonderful talented husband Jim Wilkinson & two fur babies Tuco & Cochino.

* Where were you born? Las Cruces, New Mexico.

* How long on your radio: since 2002, off and on. On radio consistently now for 13 years.

* Why are you on the radio? My Mom legit dragged me against my will to apply after working in the industry a few years prior. I had swore off radio after a few year stint and she wouldn’t accept it 🤣 so glad she did. Lesson learned: LISTEN TO YOUR MOM.

* Favorite color: Black. My favorite color since childhood and I have proof! My Mom recently found a interview VHS video from a children museum I visited as a kid in Los Angeles. In the video they asked me my name, age and favorite color. “My name is Jackie, I’m 8 years old and my favorite color is black.”

* When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A hairstylist just like my Mama.

* What is your favorite hobby? Listening to music. Finding/buying/collecting platform shoes and giant sunglasses. Sunday cruising with Jim in his low low.

* Favorite Famous People: Mr. T, Pee Wee Herman, Elvira, Elvis, Dolly, Danny DeVito, Evel Knievel, Danny Trejo.

* What is your favorite travel destination? I do love Disneyland. However I love to travel Anywhere as long as it’s with people I love.

* Radio Icon: Steve Crosno. I was blessed to work with Steve and learn from him the last few years of his life.