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Having been trained by one of the greats, Jackie keeps in the tradition of her mentor and inspiration, Steve Crosno. Like Steve, Jackie’s love centers on the Mexican Culture, music and the heart of what is the community of Las Cruces. She also believes in the power of high volume and hair. She was at an impressionable age when she first heard and adopted her religious creed: The Bigger the Hair the Closer to God. Along with, good hair is the best revenge. This personal faith has yet to steer her wrong.
When she is not in the studio or with a mic in her face, there is a good chance you’ll catch her supporting local talent and the Underground Hip Hop Scene. She is an aficionado of Graffiti Art and has quite the collection. Atmosphere, Roller Skates, and Boxers (of the canine variety) are counted among her favorite things. As for her personal work philosophy, to borrow a quote from the great dame, Bette Davis: “I will not retire while I’ve still got my legs and my makeup box.”
Whatever kind of day you’re having you can count on Jackie to get it started on the right beat. Tune in every morning to get your daily wakeup call on Hot 103