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Joey Hernandez

Joey Hernandez can be heard in the mornings on HOT 103 Big Show.  Born and raised in New Mexico, Joey has been on the airwaves in Las Cruces for over 8 years. While attending New Mexico State University, he came across a job opportunity at Radio of Las Cruces.   “I was Journalism major with NO CLUE as to what I wanted to do and radio was my leap of faith into media,” Joey said, “I haven’t looked back.”

When asked what has been his biggest moment in radio thus far, Joey said, “Getting the opportunity to interview Rev Run of Run-DMC! He is a pioneer in Hip- Hop. It was one of the first interviews I ever conducted. At the time, we were talking about his upcoming induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and his personal take on the future of Hip-Hop. I’ve been blessed to interview many artists, actors, comedians, and entertainers that I admired as a kid, but talking with Rev Run will always be a highlight for me! Who would have thought that this boy from a small farm town would have a job where you are able to interview living legends?”

One thing that you may not know about Joey is that he is such a huge professional wrestling fan. For his honeymoon, he and his lovely wife, Cynthia, attended WWE’s Royal Rumble.  Yes, Joey is a really romantic guy.  When he is away from the mic, Joey devotes his time to his family, to whom he credits all of his success. With his fun personality and great sense of humor, Joey Hernandez is a man who steps in front of the microphone with the goal of taking you, the listener, on an adventure! “Buckle up everybody, and enjoy the ride.”

Jackie Marquez

* What is your name? Jackie Marquez- Wilkinson

* Do you have any nicknames? Jaxs. Cheeky.

*Home life: I live with my wonderful talented husband Jim Wilkinson & two fur babies Tuco & Cochino.

* Where were you born? Las Cruces, New Mexico.

* How long on your radio: since 2002, off and on. On radio consistently now for 13 years.

* Why are you on the radio? My Mom legit dragged me against my will to apply after working in the industry a few years prior. I had swore off radio after a few year stint and she wouldn’t accept it 🤣 so glad she did. Lesson learned: LISTEN TO YOUR MOM.

* Favorite color: Black. My favorite color since childhood and I have proof! My Mom recently found a interview VHS video from a children museum I visited as a kid in Los Angeles. In the video they asked me my name, age and favorite color. “My name is Jackie, I’m 8 years old and my favorite color is black.”

* When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? A hairstylist just like my Mama.

* What is your favorite hobby? Listening to music. Finding/buying/collecting platform shoes and giant sunglasses. Sunday cruising with Jim in his low low.

* Favorite Famous People: Mr. T, Pee Wee Herman, Elvira, Elvis, Dolly, Danny DeVito, Evel Knievel, Danny Trejo.

* What is your favorite travel destination? I do love Disneyland. However I love to travel Anywhere as long as it’s with people I love.

* Radio Icon: Steve Crosno. I was blessed to work with Steve and learn from him the last few years of his life.