Broadcasting’s Recruitment and Retention Division

Radio is a pipeline to the employed sector as well as those who are looking. Ready to see more passionate job seekers? Then work with a more aggressive medium. for more information, contact Lensi Shakra Broadcasting’s Recruitment and Retention Division at [email protected] or 525-9298. Things are beginning to open back up. But there’s a problem. Many workers are not returning to work. As a business, you need to have a new way to recruit and retain workers. With that in mind, you’re invited to attend the Chris Stonick Radio Recruitment and Retention Seminar on tbd. Chris is one of the most dynamic speakers in the country. His proven ideas will give you the edge you need to recruitment quality workers…even in the face of a pandemic. To learn more and to RSVP, call Lensi Shakra at 525-9298 or email [email protected] The seminar will be socially distanced for your safety and is “Sherm” certified. All HR professionals will receive 2 credits for attending.