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Bob Ogas North/South All-Star Baseball Classic

Bob Ogas North/South All-Star Baseball Classic

DateJune 13, 2014

Starts12:00 pm

Ends10:00 pm

VenueApodaca Park

LocationApodaca Park, Las Cruces, NM

The 39th Annual Bob Ogas North-South All-Star Baseball Classic will be played in Las Cruces on June 13th and 14th.  The games, sponsored by the Optimist Clubs of Las Cruces, will be played in Apodaca Park.  This will be the last chance for high school baseball players to showcase skills for universities and junior colleges.  There will be a welcome cook-out, a banquet and brunch, skills showcase, and of course, the games.  There will be one game on Friday and a double-header on Saturday.   For more info, call Bob at 526-5432 or Billy at 571-1474.


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